Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Protesting in the Urban Jungle


Erich said...

Hope you have a great time at the new company. We will see you on the 30th for the Wonderbra pary. : ) - Erich

Susann said...

Hi D!

The last 2 years was quite a blast :)

The first Energizer party... Western Cowboy style
The end year functions!
All the friends we made ...

The Suzy!

Anonymous said...

Hi D

Good luck with the new venture! Keep smiling and pushing the boundaries. I am sure you will be happy and successful in all that you do.

Love Adi

Zani said...

Hi D,

Just for the record I'm a fan not a freak. Gonna miss you a lot (who's gonna tell me now Zani stop being a bitch!) Good luck and see you on the flip side and at my wedding.

Cheers Z

shaan_l said...

hallo the Desh!

I think I've known you the shortest time, but sitting next to your for 8-9 hours you taught me lots! of stuffs i think :)

it was flippin cool working with you, and those new people don't know whats comin'!

keep it tight and real and all that good stuff!

Michael said...

May I just add, that, in addition to all the tea, my search for the holy Pumpkin Fritter has come this much further, thanks all to you and your magical recipies. How can I ever thank you enough Desh?!

Mik the Ros